Wedding/function/party/school prom dance caller

I can call the dances for any type of function,whether it is for your wedding or party. Everyone can join in and have fun. Quick instruction given and the dance begins.

An amazing night!!

What an amazing night!! Great friends ..amazing displays of dance

Event Diary
MAR 2017

16th - 20th March 2017

Line Dance in the Sun.

More info from Elma


JUL 2017

14th July 2017

HallMark Hotel, Dyce

Texas Tornadoes

MAY 2017

27th May 2017

Giovanni Pernice and dance partner




SEP 2017

8th-10th September

Blairgowrie Weekend

JUN 2017

16th - 17th June 2017

All Day or Weekend, Halmark Hotel, Dyce

Friday: Elma's Disco 7:45pm - 11:30pm

Saturday workshop: Neils Poulson 12 noon

Saturday evening: Richard Palmer

NOV 2017

17th-19th November


Friday: TBA

Saturday: Calico