Wedding/function/party/school prom dance caller

I can call the dances for any type of function,whether it is for your wedding or party. Everyone can join in and have fun. Quick instruction given and the dance begins.

May 2016 - An Unforgettable Night of Dance

Wow wow wow......What a fabulous night last night at An Unforgettable Night of Dance. A massive thank you to everyone that joined in with the party and made it the night it was. Kevin and Karen professional dancers from Strictly you were both fabulous it was a pleasure to meet and work with you both thank you very much for coming to Aberdeen. I would also like to thank the dancers who came along and helped make the night Bonnie-Leigh Wilsonand Katie Mclean, Andrada Dragoescu and Marius, Daniel Gavião Dance for bringing along the Mininas Magdalena Handkowska. Thank you to Marisha Addison and Jim for playing and getting the dancers on the floor and toGeorge Sim my compare for the night and Linda Mitchell for helping at the door everyone did a sterling job It will most definitely be a night to remember and lots have been asking when i am doing it all again, well I will confirm that very soon so you can put the date in your diaries.

Thank you x

First Dance

First Dance"First Dance" came around due to the amount of couples looking to learn a dance for their "First Dance" as Husband and Wife. Not wanting to look silly by not knowing how to dance, they needed someone to help them on this very special occassion.

I can take away all the worry behind, what dance, what music and what steps, so that your first dance is not only memorable but so it will wow your guests.

Read my Testimonies to see how delighted couples have been.

Why to choose First Dance classes

We had arranged everyhting for our wedding; the location, the band, the photographer, the minister... but I was terrified because I knew, in front of all our family and friends, we'd have to dance!

Having only ever done the occessional Ceilidh dance (the easy ones) I was rather anxious about the First Dance and  spoiling the special occasion with my complete lack of dancing skills. Even worse, I didn't want us to stand and rock side to side like teenagers to their first slow dance.

So we managed to track down Elma and gave her a phone, instantly we were relieved that someone, who we'd never met before, had given us some assurance that they would be able to sort it all out for us.
So we went to our First Dance class and to be honest I was still pretty terrified, but by the end of the night I knew that I'd be able to get through the dance with the help of Elma. Not only had we learned our first couple of steps, but we'd also changed our music after Elma demonstrated how difficult it would be to dance to, but as we started to think of an alternative Elma put on a song that was perfect.

After several more classes Elma came out to our Wedding venue so we could practice on the actual dancefloor and before we knew it we were standing waiting to enter and do our First Dance as Husband and Wife.

Being able to move around the dance floor felt fantastic and we got plenty of shouts and claps from our guests who to be honest, were rather surprised I think.

So if you're looking to learn how to dance Elma's the one to get in touch with.


Thanks Elma.

Greg & Pauline

Other reasons for First Dance

Although titled First Dance it isn't limited to the happy couple. Anyone attending a wedding and wanting to know how to do the Social Ballroom and Ceilidh dances can benefit from First Dance classes.

Or maybe you just want to surprise someone by being able to perform their favourite dance so you can join them. First Dance is all about helping you learn to do the dances you want to do. If you don't know which dance is best suited, then Elma can help you in your choice along with the choice of music.

With so much experience and success with First Dance couples and wedding parties you can be sure that Elma will give you the confidence to get onto the dance floor and enjoy yourselves.

First Dance classes are ideal for any kind of celebration such as retirement parties, birthday parties or "Black Tie" occasions. Not just limited to one couple, why not get a whole party to come along and learn the dances they need to know for their special occasion.



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